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Many thanks to the donors:
Hubert, Anton, Peter, Hannes, Robert Stallbaumer - Heinfels/Wien
Sägewerk Anether - Lavant
Mathilde und Reinhold Habernig - Leisach
Ute Antoni - Oberderdingen
Schützenkompanie Sillian
Jakob Schranzhofer - Sillian
Riccardo Ossena - Venezia
Herta Stark - Finkenstein
Ruth und Jürgen Treffinger - Oberderdingen
Leckfeldhütte, Philipp Rainer-Pranter
Philomena und Johann Huber - Heinfels
Michael Masini - Heinfels
Hermann Nagel - Oberderdingen
Familie Li-Resinger - Innsbruck
Gemeinde Oberderdingen
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For several centuries Heinfels Castle was exposed to decay. The owners, the communities, the state and the federation, with the support of the region and the population, now want to close the castle and give the "Queen of the Puster Valley" a new lease of life.

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The names of the donors are visibly engraved in gold, silver or bronze in the museum shop, staircases or entrances to the castle. In addition, donors receive a duplicate and a donation receipt in the form of a donation certificate..

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